Your additude and displeasure to the world disgust me. Blameing every problem you have ever had in the world on other people then talking like you’re above them.
You want to make excuses for your short commings and failures, go for it. Just don’t be surprise when no one gives a shit and you are left there with your own thoughts and nothing else.

Sunday Sep 21 04:58am

Michael and Geoff during Let’s Watch - PT [x]

Saturday Sep 20 01:13pm

Ryan is getting a little bit too excited about this.

Saturday Sep 20 01:13pm


"Geoff Ramsey: ass first into danger." [x]

Saturday Sep 20 01:12pm

Oh god, I have an actual date on Monday.

Friday Sep 19 11:14am
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Friday Sep 19 11:14am

Joanne Calderwood.


Joanne Calderwood.

Thursday Sep 18 09:04am
Wednesday Sep 10 06:27pm
Wednesday Sep 10 06:26pm
Wednesday Sep 10 06:25pm
Wednesday Sep 10 06:24pm
Wednesday Sep 10 06:21pm

CM Punk + Punk Tees

Monday Sep 8 10:48pm
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Don’t Tread On Me - Cro-Mags

You crossed me once, don’t try it again

You didn’t learn, I’ll show you again

What goes around, comes back around

Revenge, revenge is sweet

Monday Sep 8 10:40pm
Friday Sep 5 10:47am
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